His size was intimidating

You have to be nearly perfect even to get a single off of him.

Women have evolved a subconscious mechanism to be aware of this fact about good-looking men, and that is why you find us intimidating. That's certainly possible, but it's up to you which explanation you think is more likely.Some MLB pitchers already stand on the rubber with a significant psychological advantage over opposing hitters.Whether because of their size, demeanor or just their pure stuff, they make every at-bat a tremendous challenge that’s a cut above the rest.According to MLB.com’s Stat Cast, Chapman’s fastest pitch this season came on a 130.3 mph four-seam fastball that hit Boston Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. Any time you get hit by a pitch it hurts, but to get hit by a baseball going 103.3 mph is a whole new level of pain.Just ask Tampa Bay Rays prospect Jake Cronenworth, who took a 98 mph fastball off his side during spring training (the aftermath was not pretty).In the late innings, a batter can only hope he doesn’t see Hader’s locks come out of the bullpen as he prepares for his at-bat.Noah Syndergaard, starting pitcher, New York Mets When you hear the nickname “Thor” as an opposing batter, you immediately think of a mammoth being, whose frame stands looming over people and possesses the power to deliver a mammoth punch.Unlike with most pitchers, your greatest fear isn’t striking out.Instead, your greatest fear is that Chapman’s location is off by just a hair and that fastball drills you.As a batter, you’re already down 0-2 and this thin pitcher with long hair is just toying with you.A strike away from walking back to the dugout with your head tucked down, the hitter takes a moment to gather himself then prepares himself again.

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