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«n tho V^ra Mil^ Md damwdi of fh* he ii^ould tfi Shiit it to' Marahal Foch. IHsh men were tortdred to make them i^e up their money and valuablea.

^ v,^ PARIS, i Kar^h 22.^The eupreme Countil of the Mbe' Confer- eneo-at ita saesian Ifondajr witt^ int» ^*iif ^§u to ti ^n of aending tha- Polish tr Mt ift; France under Q^aiid H^l«r to hm the Polish ai M^ in Poland. — B»- tracts from reports from the totarna- tiondl cenual Mlaa erl Moh lyui besn ta- vestigatl^^'sa Slii aad l Orooltlan al- leged to hi Miiiiliiia oedtaaltted hy the darlftt tl M war were made pel^ te- day by the ed Mlel fafevaiatlaar The report chargee th*.t a reign of terror, dealgned to eztermlnata tha aerbiaji people in the Macedonian and Moravian diatrlcta. that tbeueanda ef elvf Ufaa were tortnted aad j Mone Is Ile< yiip. in Pres^ of De; Oflletatl deaas Mttts, the reperts ef^ aartad. waa quoted aa aaylng: "There muat be but one maater in tha Ba Ucana — tha Bulgarian pacpla." after atvodty la rafauad In ■ that ;:?

whtoli will centieua to i#wara spadal chdrls aad data oonoernlng atmoapherlc cpndltieai^ air oturenta and the like. ll OFBt HGiy Coni Hnif Sip D Defidtthnes^ During Occupation of Defendlnd Lentne and Trolaky.

he I Hll BE ^EXPGNDITURE ■aid they could not have algned th# * " ^ ^ nest^XKbvdi tteaty i Hth Odi^iaahy a^ their statures ^ the Al Uss CH RAILWAYS WAa HHWr r ON. f Mes pa»^ay Ameri- cana, the atata Department haa oalled the attention of the owning corpora- tion, the Callfomla -Mexican L*nd Cerapany, of Iioe Angeles, to the atti- tude of the United dtaitea Qoveraateat toward sufdi ealea of property wtiljh for mmmw MHd H C 01 OTTAWA.

|M*taat44 Wj Rp''d«^ will sptt- as tfta tas ll s ahi trnl Smttr Straat off Foul Bay Rapd, mi iv ESPAYf a All tha a USSft imw api irau-kats Hoiueliolil Fiiniiturc and Fani Hl Hiii Es - .-*F- laelndlap: Vlprlpht Ptaaa by lver Ba«Pi^vv4M/ trsry pretty S-pfaee Mah.

.( Girls' Coats for Early Spring Wear In Neat Styles Men s Lisle Sox —Fine Grade. Sttmmer ^ wear; double toe and hee L ; , * • , ' ^ S1SI^ 9y2 to nj4i 2^-i Mltt Uit 7St.

Third, a ptfi HMmi 4efdiatiw pre- tereeto which were auspeadsd by tlia war. Bl." Aaneunee BMOit waa mad* by tha pedes de nf erenoa oommla Blon on la- tmal Mnel' h^ier leeiaiation teda V tfent tha o Bly warn rsaiaininc for the oossata MOB te do is to draw up its fladl rspsst te Tha esssml Mis ooaalderatie B of the fore It by a depo Ution of wemen'a rrga Bha Mnaa Tha maatins today waa th« t^irtr-«svr4 over by laslrael Little Hope of Dividend Before * End of Six Months— Depos- itors Consider Aanking With Ccedltors. The executive committee appoint ed by the depoeltora to look after their tntereats have decided to call i general meeting of depoeltora abort ly to ttonalder the propq|al of ranking with tha ersditera o

hm Sibn, MMt€^ 22^'-oa- Slhla Ihdat'be sacrificed tq ftteh earrying capacity it mei^ |M| tt^-eilr four man will go. Omaral Baron viqai' 9 note to Qon«na l^ndant Marshal Foch's rcprescnutivc, accordiilg^ to a Berlin dispatch, a^sring that the Qfraa Mi Oovefnmoit coitld ip to case permit Polish troops to land at Daa^ aod paaa throuih thel country, ''as it tsiiliritod to an «t«M^nf%#^MMlfy oppreta ' undoubted Qerinan ftaajoritr fas West Pniaiia.'* Tha note daid^. that the Qovca Rttfiflnt MHl W9Btm tmit d ia to travel territories east off the Vistula. The Bulgarlana .wet% partidnlarly Sraal to mwiisii. Cabinet Resign iind Abandon Governnftent ' of Mmf^m to Radical Elements, ' Ap TION ON BOUfl DIIIY t$ . underpolnp Una) touching ap bafon startlnp on her Ions trip to the United Kinpdom. None o^ the fifty Belgla moned before the covrt hatf teketi, aajr notloe of the order to pay their taac an4 til M court ordered that ther inel M aiad Mla *Yor their miatake.^ Md 11^ allew Mf EDMIIE Aragu^fa tho of the Centra] Syrian i Mdiht, has decided to present to the peace i^p Mthe dadsion of the conf^naoa l^jsa Mi a M JIyria «aifl Ottoman ' ; Sin^ is enpi^ssed at t|lh ^rl i i^p .|f J t^l Pll Nk Vj^ to Ewopaan pi Mf Wniy ai MRW of a mandate to Fraa^ to *Vi* an and to Am by the Hadii M^ whkh divides Iho a MMTy, m4 . people weelt «*liftr sw* a Mmat for.| the ahaadftioaent of w«t they con- •ld« •^^ipilspsnmble oenivle MM, «f:tlie-a M(is^eea^.*« miiiipipssi etaa»ise M sqonndit" aubjeota to ba latro- i«U the pralimlnasy ' 'pseae uruta definitely det«Pinl|isd at ^ imin W nt Tti eoene^ e Unttils- Vdh today. Ifaroh IS.— There la little hope of any dlvidaad tolat declared by the liquidator till about another ate have alspaed. By the end of next Week alia ahoald have i MMsad oat of the hacb#r Pa' her way. «* ^ ■ nadbibar of Mult aitliar of Mi Iby tfia wmmkmn of tba conau Mion as ' '"^ miawmww—iniiiiii f 11,1111 «| S :30 o'clock." of ti Ml%M MMl for ff Uk tmd UL traotaant and the French rafaiti T« to tha craalioa of a go Mral staff ware dalarr Mi Tui |[Mis Msra Hnii at the Mrt infpli Bg to be held Monday at ftt30 nthm of fight BELGIANS ARE fl LMT ^^1 TOPATJNCOIIETAX rag Ms wbo flel te Jpactana ■Belften r«- te He and His . fer Mpaira ui4 ctacral 'ertrl Mal •f ta* D*parttn Mt(*l Ir«4 •eteeee* oi Md Mr 9ict«ff VICTMUi 9T00li i Mi UIMET • • 9 fl^y ^H^Oj^i^ ••••••••••• OOWk 1^ Rl taaoeaeaee Cttfl K •••saate* ra«ia ee • • eeaaaeoae e e4 »• a«wa«or« taateaaepaee i Rt^FRRtl ORRl €l9fl o«^pa«^» rowa wharf, IBsiinlmalt. ^Wa lia- daatear la ha«« barpataa ta apy- thiap a aeessa r y for a hovgp. c Of Mt Paaina Caaa* Ptoe Ae st * Fiaaea la 14 It SH If Wry Me tm i R 141 WW^f Mlf W ^^"5 ^^mm •.••esea CHICWP WWW SMKET I44l U4 lisirifil HOUBOMM 747 fm M T RBCRMITIES 17«8 II I* p i esi saf ta top teeira «P tta 9a V af aar fat- ro Bs aot to «ralt far aar • a Uip S a y Mat hut rather ptok ap their bar- galas through the week as the new gooda arrive. after all, an only suggestions; you must oaai- ptura t|ia spads with tha prteea ta fairly ISdte a harpaln. S4: i eom- Maad Pa Ch Hiraa'a Rehaoi Oeapa •Mi Ip Ma «ea4. Oaatra ^hi Me Pir wrai^, Itockers, Cha U^ omamepta, Cartatoa, Blinds. iairitnineata f^^'^hsa the flight have been Pe Aa M- ed at the Navy Department, but theae are carefully guarded aeereta. aa« adept the ninety-nina per cent mind of Roaala it we are ta cope with the Ruaalan. which he oharaoterlaed ae *naa sec MIsm ef the ignorant.** will never saala gahi ground In ^ " "^jp* l ossche-msveida becauae of the high sr agwpi tnteuectael s4iidar«s tt the »eepls. first Cssehe-Mlevdk minister to the t Tnlted Mtatea. Mt ftnaoe SMiaanl Batlon of eeh mwia t sa In Northeaatem B^rance la plau' ned by Albert Clavellle. In the prepara Uon of the plana eloee co-operation la being maintained be- tween tha naval officers and the wsailhli, hat S a a . decllar- ed here today at a meeting of the League of Political Bdnoa Uon.

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