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You two should be able to have fun in the produce, laugh in the freezer, and poke each other near the milk.

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You're looking for real, deep fun here, the kind that comes out of nowhere.

Moreover, that fun needs to come at the most mundane of times.

As referenced in an article by Fung Global Retail Tech, a survey by Euromonitor International, 40% of millennials in the U. look for limited or no artificial ingredients when reading food labels, compared to 33% of baby boomers.

Research by marketing firm Future Cast found that 80% of millennials value having access to information about how their food is produced.

For grocers looking to orient themselves within the broader supermarket and retail environment in 2018, we’ve gathered recent industry data to highlight the trends that are most likely to solidify as permanent fixtures of the grocery world in the short and long term.Here are the products the report found millennial are most and least likely to buy online: Grocery products millennial are more likely to buy online: Corporate social responsibility weighs heavy in the minds of many millennial who want their purchases to have impact beyond the producer’s bottomline.As stated in their report, FMI elegantly reasoned that consumers “see transparency as a shortcut to confidence in a complex food system.” What’s more, researchers found that younger shoppers want food retailers and manufacturers to be open and honest about the details of their products.As millennial shoppers continue to mix-and-match various shopping methods to purchase food, their trust relies on their confidence that grocers will ensure the safety of our food, regardless of how they purchase it.Learn how your can use technology to track and manage shrink in 2018.Marry someone with who you can have fun at the grocery store. But together, you and the person you're dating should be able to make the grocery store a blast. Some days you'll be tired from work and your partner will be exhausted from a lack of sleep, and your grocery store conversation will amount to little more than But it means that you usually should. Long drives should be a treat, a time to talk to each other about everything you can think of, and introduce new music to each other ... You deserve a significant other who can make you laugh in mundane tasks, like roach-killing and the grocery store. You might be making the squash talk to each other, and giggling over the sugary cereal. You should marry someone who you can have fun with walking down the sidewalk, or sitting on a park bench.I had an ex who sat with me and made up stories about people in restaurants.My mom always told me to marry someone who makes you laugh.It always made sense to me because who wants to spend time with someone who didn't crack you up? That's why we smash cake in each other's faces at weddings: because love is a strategic cake smash, laughter and chagrin and icing and all.

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