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The second half of the server-side process is controlled by the Address Book Service which pulls information from the SQL database and writes the changes to the address book files.

Exchange 2010 uses the new Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions model.Sync pass completed with 11 contacts processed Number of separate AD partitions: 1 Number of valid contacts: 11 Number of empty contacts: 0 Number of invalid contacts: 0 Number of cached photos deleted: 0 Number of stale OC files deleted: 0 Number of OC full files written: 1 with 11 total contacts Number of OC delta files written: Number of OC bytes written: 10,072 compressed to 7,134 bytes on disk.Number of stale device files deleted: 0 Number of device full files written: 1 with 0 total contacts Number of device delta files written: 11 with a total of 0 new/updated contacts and 0 deleted contacts.This step should not be necessary under normal circumstances.In the time it took to read the previous paragraph Lync Server should have synchronized and outstanding changes in Active Directory and Step #2 can be manually processed., and Exchange 2010's Offline Address Book (OAB) has the ability to include the necessary pointers to Active Directory to allow Outlook 2010 clients in Cached Exchange Mode to display the photo — the client still needs to be able to communicate with Active Directory to download the photo.You can make it work for Outlook 2010 clients without using Exchange 2010, but Cached Mode support is an Exchange 2010 Outlook 2010 feature.Take note that the there is another difference here between the Lync and Communicator clients.For standard 32-bit operating systems the registry path below is the same regardless of the client versions (OC 2007 R2 with July 2009 update or Lync 2010 RC) but previously 64-bit operating systems running the 32-bit only OC 2007 R2 client had to have the setting created under the Wow6432Node policies key.Because Step #1 in the process happens by default every minute then any recent changes in AD should already be imported into the SQL database.If this is not the case or for some reason normal replication is failing then a manual process can be used to toss out the entire copy of AD information in the SQL database’s address book store and regenerate a completely new copy.

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