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From the tiny bar I gathered up my pride and headed out in search of “my own kind” – and hoped that I’d know them when I saw them.

The restaurant was more than half full, but I had the tiny bar all to myself, so I was glad that two men and a woman in the mood for libations joined me. And maybe I really DIDN’T come in here for just a drink and cordial camaraderie.

Steven told that Ethiopians who have read the essay have responded to him with warm words and expressions of regret.

This article had been published on the Electronic Urban Report ( and the African-American Village prior to its publication here with the author’s permission in January 2003.

A bartender can set the mood for a patron, and the man pouring my drink was pleasant.

However, our good-natured chat about the weather and the day’s headlines wasn’t enough to take the chill off this room.

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