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The below chart shows dating app rankings for last 5 months (Jan 2016 to May 2016): To make the above chart simple to understand, below is summary of average app rankings for last 5 months: Points to note: 1. And Quack Quack’s main traffic doesn’t even come from Android app.

Quack Quack is not on i OS, while all others are 2. 60% of our traffic comes from desktop / mobile browsers 3. An important factor for a startup’s performance after growth is the revenue it generates and the profit it makes. Our app ranks higher than i Crushi Flush in Top Grossing — Lifestyle apps where ranking is based on Play Store in-app purchases.

It would be interesting to see how we stand against these funded startups and show you how we’re ‘leading as a cockroach startup’.

PS: Tinder came in mid 2015 (We’ll come back to this later in the ending).

You can try this for other apps as well: We similarly checked this for all apps and the summary is as below: Conclusion 1.

Quack Quack’s monthly active user-base is quite close to Truly Madly as we estimate. All other apps like i Crushi Flush, Woo, Aisle, Frivil have very small active userbase.

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For reference, we used Woo’s Play Store link in Facebook ads and we saw “53078 people use this”, which is nothing but saying estimated 53,078 people used this app in the last 30 days. Even Deepak Abbott, ex- Paytm, has an article on this.

The reason I have kept out Tinder from my comparision is because my focus was towards comparing cockroaches to Indian funded startups. However, that doesn’t mean we should sit back and relax.

We’ve made mistakes in the past, our attention got diverted many a times and we tried to copy Tinder as well.

But often most are just building a hype with fake growth.

The real metric would be to measure one’s active user-base.

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