Fresno dating

If the alleged perpetrator is also a Fresno State student/staff/faculty member, a complaint may be filed with the Title IX Coordinator at Fresno State, 559-278-2364.Seek medical attention for any injuries you may have sustained.

By the time he left -- he had no car, no wallet, and no girl. Officers found two young women there and took them into custody to see if the victim can identify them.

In just an hour or two, you can find yourself in a woodsy wonderland like the Sequoia National Park.

If you ski or snowboard near Fresno, you can forget about pricey lift tickets. If the city of Fresno had an official dish, it would definitely be the tri-tip sandwich. The iconic meat needs no love from Michelin -- it’s garnered enough respect from Fresnans raised on the saucy steak sandos at Dog House Grill or The Meat Market.

We have access to burgeoning Central Valley wineries that are just as fun to get accidentally day drunk at.

Bonus points: they’re nowhere near as pricey as the wine country up north.

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