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Occasionally these basic procedures are complemented further with feminizing cosmetic surgeries or procedures that modify bone or cartilage structures, typically in the jaw, brow, forehead, nose and cheek areas.

These are known as facial feminization surgery or FFS.

However, she died three months after her last operation.

Sex reassignment surgery for male-to-female involves reshaping the male genitals into a form with the appearance of, and, as far as possible, the function of female genitalia.Some surgeons prefer to do most of the crafting of the outer vulva as a second surgery, when other tissues, blood and nerve supplies have recovered from the first surgery.This relatively minor surgery, which is usually performed only under local anaesthetic, is called labiaplasty.A clitoris fully supplied with nerve endings (innervated) can be formed from part of the glans of the penis.If the patient has been circumcised (removal of the foreskin), or if the surgeon's technique uses more skin in the formation of the labia minora, the pubic hair follicles are removed from some of the scrotal tissue, which is then incorporated by the surgeon within the vagina. In extreme cases of shortage of skin, or when a vaginoplasty has failed, a vaginal lining can be created from skin grafts from the thighs or hips, or a section of colon may be grafted in (colovaginoplasty)., for which there are several standard products, may help, but this must be calculated into total estrogen dose.Some surgeons have techniques to ensure continued depth, but extended periods without dilation will still often result in reduced diameter (vaginal stenosis) to some degree, which would require stretching again, either gradually, or, in extreme cases, under anaesthetic.transgendertranssexualmale to femalemtftrans womantranssexualismtransitiontransformationpost-opsex reassignment surgerysrsgender reassignment surgerygrsgender confirmation surgerygcsgenital reconstruction surgerysex affirmation surgerysex realignment surgery It's been 2 years since my sex reassignment surgery (SRS) performed by Christine Mc Ginn on March 4th, 2013. v=n QYOV3sx EDE —MY WEBSITE— ★ Article -'m still having issues that I hoped would've been resolved by this point, so I'm going to need a third surgery to correct the issues. in today's video I wanted to talk about my one month post op from my SRS/GRS gender reassignment surgery. Copy of post-op unpacking srs/grs/// operation was Jan 26/2013medical ,,this is the unpacking process, After under going SRS /GRS surgery , , THIS ALSO my happiest day in my life ,there was no pain just few little shock ... Garramone El día más feliz de mi vida en el que por fin veo por primera vez mi pecho después de la operación :) The happiest day of my life, when I see for the first time my ... In todays' video Im talking about my experience having sex for the first time after having my sex reassignment surgery aka losing my vagina ...1 Month Post Op SRS/GRS - Our Trans Journey Hello my Carobears!

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