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That movie went on to take in nearly 0 million dollars worldwide in box office…

money that, without the fact that one team member made their own personal backup, may have never been made.

Reacting to these failures is a key component of the administrator’s responsibilities and their ability to react correctly depends on whether they have a well-planned strategy for database backups and recovery.

Pixar’s “Toy Story 2” famously almost never happened due a command line mis-run causing the movie to be deleted and an in-effective backup strategy in place.

With Cluster Control you can schedule logical or physical backups with failover handling and easily restore backups to bootstrap nodes or systems.

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Although these work for the majority of database workloads, you might still want to customize your backups. Read the Blog Whether you use unbreakable private data centers or public cloud platforms, Disaster Recovery (DR) is indeed a key issue.This blog post provides a series of best practices on how to fully restore a My SQL or Maria DB Galera Cluster from backup.Read the Blog This blog post covers the new backup features available in Cluster Control version 1.4.Here at Severalnines we have database experts who have written much about the topic and in this blog we will collect the top resources to help you build your own database backup strategy for My SQL and Maria DB databases more specifically.If you are running a My SQL or Maria DB environment our best resource for you is the free whitepaper “The Dev Ops Guide to Database Backups for My SQL and Maria DB.” The guide covers the two most popular backup utilities available for My SQL and Maria DB, namely mysqldump and Percona Xtra Backup.Read the Blog Taking backups is one of the most important tasks of a DBA - it is crucial to the availability and integrity of the data.Part of our Become a Postgre SQL DBA series, this blog post covers some of the backup methods you can use with Postgre SQL.“My SQL Tutorial - Backup Tips for My SQL, Maria DB & Galera Cluster” and “Become a My SQL DBA - Deciding on a Relevant Backup Solution.” Each of these webinars offer tips and best practices on building a backup plan and summarize much of the content that is available throughout our website.In the blog “Become a My SQL DBA - Backup and Restore” we provide a high-level overview of backups and restores when managing a My SQL environment.Read the Blog This is our fifth post in the “Become a Mongo DB DBA” blog series - how do you make a good backup strategy for Mongo DB, what tools are available and what you should watch out for.Read the Blog This is our sixth post in the “Become a Mongo DB DBA” blog series - how do you recover Mongo DB using a backup.

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