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The case brought international media attention as the British Government denied Stagg's last request for a military funeral march from Dublin to Ballina, and instead arranged for the police to bury him secretly.

On 1 March 1976, Merlyn Rees, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in the Wilson ministry, announced that those people convicted of causing terrorist offences would no longer be entitled to Special Category Status.

In 1979, former MP Bernadette Mc Aliskey stood in the election for the European Parliament on a platform of support for the protesting prisoners, and won 5.9% of the vote across Northern Ireland, even though Sinn Féin had called for a boycott of the election.

On 27 October 1980, republican prisoners in HM Prison Maze began a hunger strike.

The second hunger strike began on 1 March, when Bobby Sands, the IRA's former officer commanding (OC) in the prison, refused food.

Unlike the first strike, the prisoners joined one at a time and at staggered intervals, which they believed would arouse maximum public support and exert maximum pressure on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

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To mitigate the build-up of flies, they smeared their excrement on the walls of their cells.

Many prisoners volunteered to be part of the strike, but a total of seven were selected to match the number of men who signed the Easter 1916 Proclamation of the Republic.

The group consisted of IRA members Brendan Hughes, Tommy Mc Kearney, Raymond Mc Cartney, Tom Mc Feeley, Sean Mc Kenna, Leo Green, and Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) member John Nixon.

Public transport service schedules vary depending on where one lives and intends to travel.

The August Holiday is a popular time for people to go on vacation in and to the Republic of Ireland so it is important to book accommodation in advance.

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