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It is hardly surprising that while International patents have been registered for cow’s urine and its products, no such patent has been obtained from the Govt. An Indian patent may not make enough and weighty news, but an international patent, on the other, helps to claim that even ‘foreigners’ have accepted the virtues of cow’s urine!

All the studies available in the literature about the therapeutic efficacy of cow’s excreta are small studiesconducted in the labs and on animals or tissues.

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A patent in itself cannot be the proof for the utility of any product.

There are no reports of any controlled, double blind clinical studies in humans, other than some anecdotal reports and claims by the practitioners of ‘cow therapy’ and all these so called claims of research appear dubious by any scientific standards.[27] Most of these papers contradict their own claims: the claims made about the gold and copper salts in urine, for example, are not supported by the data provided by the protagonists themselves.[8,28] Urine is urine, the liquid waste that is filtered by the kidneys and excreted through the urinary system.

It contains many solutes and biological products that are unnecessary for the living body and hence excreted and also some substances secreted by the urinary tract to facilitate this excretion. There are reports of severe adverse effects, even fatal, of drinking cow urine concoctions, further supported by experimental evidence.[31] Cow’s urine can also be a source of infectious diseases, especially leptospirosis, [32] that can spread through oral mucosa.

Chemical constituents of human and animal urine are almost alike.[28,29] For example, Urokinase is an enzyme secreted into the urine to prevent its clogging; today, it is extracted from human urine and used to dissolve clots in the coronary arteries in patients who suffer a heart attack.[30] Does this justify drinking one’s own urine in case of a heart attack? The claim that cow’s urine and cow dung have antiseptic properties is not only baseless, but also dangerously misleading.

While cow dung (and all fecal matter) is teeming with bacteria excreted from the intestines, several bacteria have been isolated from too.[33,34] Application of these bacteria-rich excreta onto wounds may lead to life threatening sepsis.

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