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But the key drivers are 3 very different mothers — an affluent suburban mother, a mysterious and itinerant artistic mother with urban roots, and a vulnerable immigrant mother.The story is set in Shaker Heights, Ohio which is a planned community built in the early 20 century.But the words she read were so luminous and funny that I felt compelled to look at those words on paper.Patricia is young so her memoir isn’t a traditional one and she does not follow a linear path in the telling of her story.Wikipedia told me that Shaker Heights is known for its strict building codes and zoning laws which maintain the town’s unique identity. Mix the children, the mothers, and the city all together and this story becomes one centered on how a quintessentially American city turns for those women and children with a privileged sense of “home” and for those women and their children with no such privilege.About 75% of the area is listed in the National Register of Historical Places. You can’t go wrong with either Did you know that the Catholic Church allows married men to become priests?Here’s an interesting aside about Patricia, she wrote a poem called “Rape Joke” in 2013 before she wrote . I found the poem online and it will draw your body taut as you read.

Yet I raced through the pages every night, not because I wanted to finish it, but because I wanted to learn what happened.In , Sarah and her best friend, Eugenie ( both are beautiful and brilliant of course and at least one comes from a rich family), marry two handsome brothers.Surprise, both women are in love with the same one, a fellow called Jack.Sarah resorts to channeling her anger through the creation of successful novels that are poorly disguised rehashings of Sarah’s youth spent with Eugenie and the brothers.The crew splits apart and Sarah is cast into the sea of Yankeeland.I hope you can find some time to stake out a proper summer reading chair too (if you haven’t already) and then settle in with a cool drink and the warming sun on your face.Finally, consider these books to ramp up the pleasure on a perfect self-indulged summer day.But maybe try reading is the young cousin to Strangers on a Train. The book then begins to alternate between Ted and Lily’s points of views and in doing so we learn a lot about these characters’ pasts, including Ted’s relationship with his wife Miranda and Lily’s psychopathic behavior that started early in her life.In Peter Swanson’s take, Ted, who is wealthy, meets a beautiful woman named Lilly at an airport bar. After a few martinis, Ted confides to Lilly that his wife, Miranda, is having an affair and half-jokingly says he should kill her. Of course, Ted begins to lust after Lilly but they keep some pretty big secrets from one another as they plot Miranda’s death.The story focused on the killer/husband and the victim’s marriage.A few years later I would come to know the lawyer who had been asked to defend the killer pro bono. Gilchrist’s key protagonists are usually brash and gifted women from eccentric southern families.

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