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Our research largely focuses on the opportunistic fungal pathogen Candida albicans, which causes a range of infections from superficial mucosal infections (i.e. albicans also responds to communication molecules produced from the microbiota and directly interacts with other commensal and pathogenic microbes.

albicans has to respond and adapt to a wide range of environmental factors, which regulate key virulence factors of the pathogen.

Modulation of gene expression of several prominent inflammatory messengers IL1B, IL6, IL23A, CCL4 and CCL20 further indicate potentially beneficial effects in the field of (systemic) infections involving bacterial endotoxins like LPS or infections with influenza A virus.

In fact, over the past two decades, although there have emerged a large number of research supporting the relationship between religious involvement and mental health, relevant theories to elucidate this relationship are still in its tentative and developmental stage (George, et al.

We wonder: how was it that the magicians could elucidate such revelation, although they had been brought directly to Pharaoh from different cities, and had not previously met our master Moses (pth), and had not heard any of his guidance before?!

It is undeniable that scientific advances of recent years and future discoveries will allow elucidating many of the mysteries that the Bible still keeps for us, although we should not forget that the real breakthrough we should aim at is always going to be spiritual.

Cleo pressed the knob reading ‘Cerebrialysis’, when the smoke dispersed and the luscious top popped up into a 3-D arena displaying the history of the disease, events and process involved in framing a formula for it, with Minto’s background voice elucidating the events.

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