Flirtomatic texas dating site

Firstly, it is primarily a mobile app service, so it is not entirely optimized for pc usage.Normally, the service relies on cookies to keep you logged in whenever you visit (there is no log out option).They often change things and it always seem to benefit the scammers rather than the regular people…Read Full Review Site looks good to start with but no moderation at all and all geared to money making encouraging fakes and scammers.

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Even site administrators were advertising this and threatening to delete accounts that didn't get it. Read Full Review People always moan about how there are fakes but you can bloke them there are lots of nice people on flirt, and its a lot better than the other site and easier to work.

Plus on Flirt you have filters whereas on their other site there seems to be none so please dont close down Flirt, you may lose many grateful consumers…

Read Full Review Signed up through my phone yesterday, within seconds my inbox was flooded (first red flag), my profile had not received any views nor had my pictures posted on the site yet (second red flag), and of the couple of profiles I clicked on, you were asked to "buy" additional pictures with "credits" that cost real money.this point I was done, (truthfully, I was done when I saw my inbox 5 seconds after I signed up.) Anyway, I'm not saying the site itself is designed for scammers (maybe it was…

Read Full Review If people can be so stupid and get scammed like that then you deserve to be scammed I can't believe I'm reading stuff like this people handing over thousands of pounds how sad and pathetic! Read Full Review The whole site is set up as a scammers paradise for people selling fake pictures and trying to get phone credit from you.

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