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At one time he owned seven pubs in the city, but now in his 60s he has scaled down to two, of which The Joyce is his personal favourite.The pub is very much a focal point for the expat community in Prague.And when a British friend came to visit us five weeks later and asked before she travelled, if she could bring something with her that we needed, we immediately asked her to bring more adaptors!For nearly a year after our move to Prague, every one of our electrical appliances that we had brought with us from the UK, worked perfectly well with a UK plug inserted into an adaptor and then into the appropriate continental wall socket.The eventual resolution of these problems does illustrate a marked contrast, both in work practices and costs, between the UK and the Czech Republic.

Click here to view the rest of this page's content.It was on Christmas Eve 2009 of all days, that once again, the dishwasher stopped working.The problem was exactly the same as in August, only this time, not only had the adaptor melted but, in doing so, it had also damaged the wall socket and the UK plug on the dishwasher.One extremely helpful piece of advice I was given by a British member of the Prague congregation was that you could never have enough of these adaptors if you were to move to live in continental Europe.So it was that, when we moved to Prague in September 2008, we brought several adaptors with us.All over continental Europe, electrical sockets take the form illustrated here; to receive a plug with two round pins.However, in the UK and Ireland, all electrical appliances are fitted with a plug that has three square pins and all buildings in both countries have the appropriate wall sockets to receive them.The Irish Times’ Generation Emigration project is on the hunt for the best Irish pub in the world outside Ireland. I was there last Saturday and there was a roaring fire going while we watched Ireland’s rugby match. It’s billed as “Prague’s cozy Irish Pub”, and it really lives up to it’s name.Then, having ascertained that we were very happy to have a heavy duty continental plug and lead attached to our dishwasher, to replace the damaged UK one, he quickly went out and purchased one and returned to fit it.For all of this – parts and labour – I was invoiced for the princely sum of 645 Kc/approximately £22.00.

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