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Now you no longer need to train to build your stats or work to earn money. This is a good way to get a practice run, learn the answers to each girl's questions on dates and figure out which items are good for which purposes.The game contains an extensive list of features, including 4 playable characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream, with 2 more to unlock.Complete each level by running to the end point and avoid the enemies and the objects which they throw.Cheats Are Below Aswell As The Girls Infomation Ivai (Pink Haird One) Number - 085-321 Age - 18 Birthday - November 15 Car -I Havn't Fav Food - Fried Fish Fav Anime - Naruto And Se ELa Height - 170cm Fav Book - Not Like To Read Fav Drink - Es Degan Fav Jewlry - Ring Fav Game - Harvest Moon From - Flower Town Weight - 55kg Fav Gift - Flower Fav Film - serial Experimental Lain Not Like - Play Boy Fav Song - Dont Cried Me By Anima Fav Color - Pink Fav Place - Beach Ellie (Green Haird One) Number - 085-332 Age - 18 Birthday - May 5th Car - I Havn't Fav Food - Fried Rice Fav Anime - Hikarunogo And Slamdunk Height - 170cm Fav Books - Flash Game Maker Fav Drink - Water Fav Jewelry - Necklare Fav Game - Breath Of Fire IV From - Grass Town Weight - 54kg Fav Gift- Flower Fav Film - Nothing Not Like - Play Boy Fav Song - Never Willing By From Five Minutes Fav Colour - Green Favorite place - Cave Hot Spring Cheats: Sagara - The Relationships For Both Girls Are: 700 (You Still Need To Talk To Them To Get To Date Them Just It Wont Take As Long) Hikarunogo - 9999 & Charm : 100% (100) Strength : 100% (100) Intelligence: 100% (100) Romance : 100% (100) (Use Both To Make It Easier) Enjoy : D :dewave::dewave::dewave:when i talk to e girl all it does is give me ............. Kitari Koran To Make It Talk I Got All My Stats Up (Charm, Strength, Intellegence Up And Still Happend So You Havde To Keep Talking To Them Hi, Just Sponsered a "Non-Adult" dating sim: Name: Elliv Island Dating sim description: You have 100 days on Elliv island to find and date the perfect girl of your dreams.URL: for more games from , I've got at least 1 or 2 more this month and maybe 1 more than I may let someone co-sponsor.Everything about this game is polished, right down to the initial selection menus with music and sound effect volume sliders...there is no way you cannot NOT play this game.But all credit does go to the original creators of Sonic at SEGA. I'm sorry that I did not read the author's comments first. I'm more used to ones that are based on already established characters.Hi, Just Sponsered a "Non-Adult" dating sim: Name: Elliv Island Dating sim description: You have 100 days on Elliv island to find and date the perfect girl of your dreams.One of them is hikarunogo for 999999 in money The other is sagara for 500 in money, BUT, sagara gives you 700 relationship with both of the girls.You can use both of them by typeing in one then it will say ok your cheat true...

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