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He graduated in Its hard to think that Amy and Ty are married to different people.Canada magazine is available for your tablet and smartphone.

Shahid Kapoor is superb as the nimble-footed dancer flowing effortlessly through his dance steps. Chance Pe Dance is strictly for die-hard Shahid Kapoor fans who love him for his novel dancing skills.After filling up the contest form, he also says "I love you" to Tina.After watching Sameer's performance on TV, his father convinces him to go back to Mumbai and participate in the show. Also, better characterisation of the lead stars would have made them seem more true-to-life.Fittingly - given that the animal lovers first met at a horse show - their loyal steeds played a starring role in the day.In , it became the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in the history of Canadian television series, surpassing Street Legal.In between his Heartland gig, Graham has featured in a handful of other movies.After tucking into a meal prepared by the same caterers who work on Heartland, Amber's off- and on-set families mingled.Director Ghosh's screenplay is unconvincing due to many melodramatic sub-plots diluting the main theme.He gives a convincing performance despite a weak script and poor characterisation.However, he is given a chance to perform on the show after Sameer convinces the director.Tina finds this out and asks him how he can spend his life like this.

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