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Because they don’t show a lot of anger, when they do eventually get angry, their anger can be much scarier than with a western men as they seem to lose all control.Keep your Thai guy calm and relaxed most of the time and you shouldn’t have a problem.I’m surprised at how biased the stories of Thai women are.Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all had our fair share of bad dating experiences in Thailand, but it’s no different here than it is back home.I remember first time stepping off that airplane in Bangkok and being hit by a wall of wonder. Beautiful women strutting by, their silky black hair swaying seductively.I was waiting for the moment I’d meet a vixen and get taken for all I was worth, but it never happened.They are sweeter, kinder and more polite than almost any western man and you’ll definitely be better taken care of.

If you can make a Thai guy laugh, they love being with you and will spend as much time with you as they can.If you’re a western woman too, Thai men take care of you even more because they want you to have a good impression of Thailand and Thai people.Thai Men Carry Your Purse and Your Shopping – One thing I’ve always thought was funny about Thai men is they carry their girlfriend’s purse when they’re out shopping.But get him riled up and upset and I’d recommend leaving him alone until he’s had time to calm down.After all, let’s face it, having to put up with the red face, stomping around and screaming is more than a little annoying.Some western women say however, if you can keep your Thai guy happy and challenged, they tend not to stray.But, the minute you show him less than 100% attention and he’s likely to wander off in search of other stimulation. Dating Thai men, for most western women, is still a mostly positive experience.Thai Men Take Care of You – Thai men love taking care of women and they do it well.If you date a Thai man long enough, you’ll find they’ll bring you lunch, they’ll pick you up and take you to work, run errands for you and your family, take you to the doctor if you’re sick and generally always make sure you’re fine.It seems to be much easier to hurt a Thai man than it does a western man, so you do have to be careful about comments you make.I tend to err on the side of complete kindness as, in the past, innocent little comments have cut my Thai guy to the quick.

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