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This happened throughout the summer, eventually school started again and he was starting his junior year in high school.

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A girl with the screen name Puppy messaged me, and she asked what my name was. In that moment, I decided to reply that my name was Kate. I had quit soccer because I had to wear this heart monitor. He was also brave, but his heart was not proof against this loss.

But as things started to calm down, and bedtime was approaching, I noticed her. Me being my normal awkward self was all awkward talking to... I had a hot girlfriend and a peaceful life...a caring mother and a carefree father, so i didnt really think of my life..know just going with the flow.

[Read More]Tags: Depression, Love, Love Hurts, Love Story, Friendship, Broken Heart, Regret, Broken Friendship, True Story, Trhello before I tell you this story let me tell you a few things about myself. One day my friends came up with a prank for me ......

[Read More]Tags: Heartbroken, Love, Sadness, True Story I was abused physically and sexually when I was younger.

I felt no love from either of my parents due to this and I decided to isolate myself.

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