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As French points out, “Who drives my babysitter home at the end of the night? About a quarter of all American children live in single-parent households, the vast majority of which (85 percent) are headed by women, according to U. This compares with 20 percent of births to unmarried women in 1990.

Each of these approximately 10 million single moms in America has a different story, especially since not all women come to single parenting the same way.

The former hospital vice president thought she had a healthy marriage when she became pregnant with triplets.

One baby died early in the pregnancy and a second died shortly after birth, but the third child, a son, was born healthy. “It was tough, because you’re really struggling, but you also have a child who has a fever,” French says, remembering those early years.

Given that the typical age of first marriage is now in the mid- to late-20s for Americans, your child will probably date and have sex for about a decade. Part of your job is to help your son develop sexual ethics that will guide his behavior. If you and he aren’t quite sure what the vas deferens is or what it does, don’t sweat it. Your son needs to know the odds of pregnancy can be changed through a variety of contraceptive strategies and devices. Approximately 1/3rd of 14 year old boys say they’ve voluntarily watched porn online.

This means your son will probably have more than one partner before marriage. The most effective way to do this is to connect it to the values you’re already teaching, like respect, honesty, and care. Talk about “sexuality” instead of “sex” because it’s a broad term that includes relationships and a variety of sexual behaviors. Dating inherently includes some level of sexual contact, even if it’s just kissing and holding hands. If you really want to know, find a website or book and go through it together, but remember that you probably don’t discuss his gall bladder or spleen in any detail either. He needs to know that any time his erect penis enters someone’s vagina, there’s a chance that pregnancy will occur. After all, a surprising percentage of gay boys and men have sex with girls and women at least once (for a variety of reasons). The specifics and level of detail are entirely up to you, and I realize that some people will talk only about tracking ovulation and the rhythm method. As the only form of contraception that guys control, it’s key that he knows what a condom is and how to use it. Most of the discussion about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that we hear today focuses on HIV/AIDS and HPV. Yes, there may be some embarrassment, funny noises, and odd smells, but the experience should be more positive than negative. Among 18 year olds boys — whether they’re high school seniors or 1st year college students — nearly all say they’ve seen porn. His sexual upbringing needs to involve a series of talks – call it a conversation – over years.

“You’re in this emotional whirlwind, and you think you have to deliver this Campbell Soup mom.

You either cling to your faith, or you walk away.” French clung to it.

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About half of single mothers are divorced or separated, a third have never been married, and a smaller percentage are widowed.

He also studies normative aspects of sexual development, such as age and perception of first kiss, first “serious” relationship, and first intercourse among 15-25 year olds.

For Rosa Manriquez, it was the Catholic school’s father-daughter dance.

“My faith was kind of like a map that you pull out of the car when you get lost,” says French, who grew up in a large Catholic family on the East Coast.

When she and her husband separated, she lived in a Chicago suburb, across the street from her parish.

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