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These in turn may lead to a threesome scenario at one of 3 locations, and finally sex with Maddison at your apartment. This is where the game has a couple of bugs that can actually help us. ] (yes) Flex your muscles Finish flexing ( 2 Lust; 5 if you`re a gym instructor) (no) "Don`t worry. See you soon."* Spy on Maddison in the shower Finish spying Dry yourself and get dressed Place towels on the bed [go to Clothes] Clothes Wait for her to change clothes "I love the way it sticks to your hips." ( 2 Influence) Wait for her to change clothes "Mmm.The threesomes are:- Rachel:- Bowling alley required; Crystal:- Swimming costume required; Kelly:- Robe and restaurant required. To be successful with Crystal at the pool we need both extra lust and inf at this point and none of the topics of conversation will give us enough of both. I wish I could lick those legs." ( 1 Lust) OR "Now that`s a hot dress!The female Crystal ending is almost impossible to achieve due to a simple programming error. Note that you have to go in the order strip club, bowling alley, bar to go to all three locations. t repeat the bowling, then many of the conversations will be cut short and you won?? Because the conversations are shared between several locations, they are listed separately under Conversation.This walkthrough assumes you select the easy option at the start which immediately gives you both 5 lust and 5 happiness (inf). If you start at the bowling alley or bar you will only be allowed to go to two of the locations. Remember to come back here when finished.] Finish talking Leave the bar [if this was the fourth location you`ve visited tonight, go to Mall Exit] Cinema "Let`s go see a movie." [What kind of movie do you want to see? " Go inside "Yeah, I come here all the time." ( 2 Influence) Continue talking Watch the film Turn to Maddison Put your arm around her Continue watching the film ( 3 Influence) Turn to Maddison Kiss her Finish kissing ( 3 Lust) Continue watching the film Turn to Maddison Feel her breast Finish touching ( 4 Lust, 1 Influence) [Is Lust 49?

My inadequate programming skills have been unable to spot where this addition has come from, so if anyone does know please enlighten me! d love to see you wearing a swimsuit Pick red swimsuit I?? I always need new clothes." ( 1 Influence) Look at clothes [Are you male or female? Here though is the female walkthrough:- Follow her inside Watch her undress Kiss her ( 1 lust) You?? s make her fake an orgasm Watch the show ( 6 lust) Go back to your seat No. ll try it Volunteer Step into the box Perform trick Return to your seat ( 3 inf, 10 lust) Leave Let?? What kind of art class (If not going the Kelly route pick Wow! re cute 5 inf) Look at the menu Select salad Select pizza Select jello Order ( 10 inf) Wait for the waitress Hey, where is that art class of yours going to be? It sounds like fun I like to keep a few surprises ( 1 inf) Pay the bill and leave Now go to the Mall and buy the lingerie red robe. s a few naughty uses for it too ( 2 lust) Then go to the cinema and watch the romance. I wish there was something cultured we could do Of course! You visit two locations at that hub, then you travel to a second hub and visit two locations there. If you are able therefore, I suggest you edit Poolchecks 2 and 13 and amend the figure required to a requirement of 45. The structure of the game is as follows: once you leave Maddison`s apartment you travel to one of three `hubs` (mall, uptown, downtown). Not easy to get all of the achievements without taking advantage of the bugs (like going back into bowling). Great game overall with good graphics and the ladies are hot. Beware as others have noticed that the games is buggy. I want you to lick it all over baby ( 1 Lust) Well said, you were both awesome by the way ( 1 inf) After the sex scene Maddison is tired and goes home. ll do it Go to the changing room Enter and undress Remove your robe and sit Finish posing ( 5 lust) Look at Kelly?? The game tracks the PC`s Influence with Maddison, and her Lust. Lust is the more difficult to acquire and has more difficult tests, so in general you should focus on getting it over Influence. ) If you go to the Mall after Downtown, go to the fashion store first and try on the blue lingerie, and then go to the cinema for a chance of Maddison giving you a blow-job or eating your pussy as appropriate. The following is for a male character:- See you soon Change into swimwear Join Maddison at the pool ( 2 Lust) I?? Watch her swim Speak to the lifeguard Nice to meet you, Crystal Very Interested Don?? s trap her in a corner Swim after Crystal Thank you Get in the hot tub So, Crystal, tell us about yourself What do you do for fun? s locker room Step into the corridor Enter the women?? Walk up to Maddison Kiss her Kiss Crystal Have sex with Crystal and Maddison ( 6 Lust), any option unless?? t be so hard on yourself Sit next to Maddison Watch Kelly paint What?? She started it ( 2 inf) Take her back to your apartment Catch a train It?? The bugs are noted where necessary, and the typos are corrected where they appear in the walkthrough. ll just see what my date wants ( 1 inf) Of course Alright. Watch her dance Follow her Kiss her Kiss her neck ( 4 Lust) Rub your groin against hers ( 5 Lust) Finish kissing and follow her Hi Rachel I?? Finally, you return to the PC`s apartment and have sex with Maddison. re making me horny just taking about it ( 1 Lust) Change into swimwear and go to the pool After the swim:- Go to the locker room Undress and shower Approach Maddison Kiss her Have sex ( 6 Lust) My pussy is so wet for both of you right now ( 1 Lust) Well said, you were both awesome by the way ( 1 inf) As long as you have gone bowling, the Rachel threesome ending is always an option as it does not require any special item of clothing. s visit a nightclub Follow her to the bar In a moment, I?? false) ( 4 inf) Kiss her ( 2 Lust, 3 inf) Dance How about my date? Next you visit one of three other locations, which might trigger a special scene.The Maddison VDG game is currently the largest available of this genre. Let him bowl Just imagine your celebration pose in your head when you bowl Wait to see the score ( 3 inf) I wish that stupid hair of yours would go down Let him bowl Kiss her ( 1 lust, 1 inf) Wait to see the score ( 3 inf) I bet your date could bowl better than you! Next, choose your `skin tone` (actually ethnicity). Next choose your `job` A photographer starts with 3 Influence. There is no point in not doing this, especially as certain scenes (eg. Shown Around "Why don`t you show me around your apartment? It`s cute." ( 1 Influence) "You have good taste." ( 1 Influence) "This whole place looks pretty nice and cozy." ( 1 Influence) Finish the tour [go to Clothes] Have A Shower Follow her to the bathroom "Thanks.It includes both fortunately and unfortunately a few bugs that both help and hinder the games progress. s house and then offers the option of going to 3 different places in each of 3 different areas. Let her bowl Count the scores Speak to Rachel ( 5 inf) Sounds like fun Leave* I can always use a drink Follow her to the bar *At this point you should have 46 lust and 50 inf. A male photographer will have an extra opportunity to gain Lust and/or Influence during a random conversation with Maddison An office worker will bump into Alex at the nightclub A gym instructor will have a slightly different encounter with Crystal A male gym instructor will have an extra opportunity to game Lust at Maddison`s apartment. I really appreciate this." ( 1 Influence) Undress and use the shower Finish showering and wrap a towel around your waist [Are you male?

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