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By liking pictures of women of your interest, the other person will get notified and can start a conversation with you if she likes you back.What’s cool about the app is that it also offers different LGBTQ-related news and articles!

It’s a nice app to find like-minded guys in your area and possibly do a bit more than chatting – like meeting up in person (what were you thinking? See what happens to your body after a 30 day yoga journey, listen to the cool new single Ado by local indie band Thud or sample these delicious Hong Kong breakfasts at your local cha chaan teng.

For Ok Cupid, users are asked to answer a great number of questions, so it ups the chances of you getting a better match (the more you answer, the more likely you meet someone that matches your profile).

It’s definitely one of the most engaging and explicit dating apps for all the singles out there, plus you can clearly state your intentions, from hook up to marriage.

If both parties have shown interest in each other, the app will give the two a 7-day chat window – and it’s your choice whether or not to proceed afterwards.

As one of most well-known dating apps for queer women, Her is the oasis for non-heterosexual online dating.

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