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As part of a 2006 National Geographic Society (the Society) investigation of the document, microscopist Joseph Barabe of Mc Crone Associates in Illinois and a team of researchers analyzed the ink on the tattered gospel to find out if it was real or forged.Some of the chemicals in the ink raised red flags — until Barabe and his colleagues found, at the Louvre Museum, a study of Egyptian documents from the third century A. "What the French study told us is that ink technology was undergoing a transition," Barabe told Live Science.Many claim that these other gospels, a good number of which were written in the second and third centuries, have been deliberately marginalized and should have had a place in the canon of Scripture. According to this view, these works were excluded in part because they did not accord with orthodox views on such wide-ranging subjects as Jesus, church structure and women’s place in the church.

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The discovery of gospel accounts other than those found in the New Testament, many of them among the Nag Hammadi documents uncovered in Egypt in the 1940s, sparked a veritable firestorm, and not only in theological circles.

How did the Christian church, apparently drowning in a sea of Gospels, finally end up with only four?

A long-lost gospel that casts Judas as a co-conspirator of Jesus, rather than a betrayer, was ruled most likely authentic in 2006.

Barabe brought together a team of scientists with a variety of specialties, and they ran the Gospel through an intensive analysis of microscopy and spectroscopy.

[See Images of the Ancient ' Gospel' Documents] At first, their findings offered little hope that the Gospel of Judas was real.

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