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So often they are botched on the big screen by big names.The reason that so many try is because they are downright sexy.Looking forward to making some lasting friendships. There’s something about a cowboy hat, a slow drawl, and sunset on a prairie that never loses its charm. Best of all, there's a whole lot of that gritty romantic sense that makes the oddest date better than a candlelit dinner. You don’t need to faint all over the place, even if you were looking for some old-fashioned romance.What members are saying about the group: This group just keeps getting better! Good friends, sharing ideas, life styles and good learning experience.It’s great if more people can show up at meet ups like this. Please take whatever steps you feel necessary to protect your privacy while online.

It is a cliche, but everything really is bigger in Texas--from the food portions to the appetites.

The modern man may have his suits and briefcases, his perfect hair and clean shoes, but every now and then a girl wants some of that old-fashioned, home-and-hearth romance, that still lets her be who she is. The best thing about dating a Texas man is that they’re more than used to cowgirls.

Yes, there are still men walking around in cowboy hats and tan leather boots; riding into the sunset is more like regular exercise in Texas.

Even if you don't find a date right away, we're certain you'll find a friend. With virtually no limits on who can join, the group is made up of a wide variety of individuals with different backgrounds, personalities, interests, and values.

But more accurately, the group is made up of people who take the time to attend events; in other words, the people who have made the group their own by being a part of it.

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