Dating from time immemorial

Some of the Judges at first doubted, whether succeeding heirs could raise the rental above the sum it amounted to at George Moir's death ; but it was observed, That even if this had clearly been his intention, yet, as limitations on property were unfavourable, and as the clause did not contain that precise prohibition, it ought not to be inferred by implication. Lord Pitmilly A difficulty arises from the way in which the Lord Ordinary's interlocutor is framed, reserving all questions of title.The entail contained no clause obliging the heirs in succession to diminish the rental ; and no heir in expectancy could have an interest to insist on his doing so. I apprehend, however, that the question of competency which we have to decide is not an abstract point; but whether the particular summons before us be competent.

It is on the competency of this particular action that we are to judge; and I entertain great doubts of its competency, as it does not sufficiently set forth that what the Lord Lyon has done is to the prejudice of the pursuer. SIR ROBERT KEITH DICK CUNYNGHAM, BART., Respondent. 2d, That under the Act of Parliament the heir of line alone was entitled to supporters, and it was incompetent in the Lord Lyon to grant them to the heir-male.

As to the arms to be given Mr Murray, when he applies for them it was time enough to answer this when he did so; and as to the illuminations, they are used for the better direction of painters, or carvers, many of whom are not sufficiently instructed in the science of heraldry without illuminations.

Upon advising the cause, the Lord Ordinary pronounced this interlocutor: 13th February 1776, "Finds, that it is admitted by the procurator-fiscal that William Murray, the raiser of the advocation, is the representative of the ancient family of Murray of Touchadam: Finds it proved, from the seals produced in process, that the Murrays of Touchadam, the predecessors of the said William Murray. Macdonell of Glengarry brought an action in the Court of Lyon, asking for annulment ("reduction") of a matriculation of arms to Macdonald of Clanranald.

Now there is no sufficient allegation to this effect here, and I hold that to be essential to the question of jurisdiction. In 1707, James Dick of Prestonfield was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia, by patent taken to the heirs-male of his body; whom failing, to the heirs-male of his daughter and sole heiress, Janet Dick.

This lady was married to Sir William Cunyngham, second baronet of Caprington.

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