Dating columbia 78s

The Western Electric Company leased their equipment to record companies, and took a royalty on every disc resulting from the use of their gear.They had to be distinguished from those made by any other system. during World War II which, in the wax, was stamped Made in Germany in English.So what record company was there in New York that had masters such as S-74168-B?The number in the wax we have not dealt with yet, 40624-A gives us the answer.It would be very odd indeed to find handwriting in relief on an old 78 rpm record though there probably are instances of it; anything goes is a rule of thumb for looking at old 78s!At the top appears 60275: the Odeon catalogue number for this side, as it also does at the bottom of the label, again with an A- prefix.These refer to the different stages in the manufacture of discs.

The sort of letters and numbers were really interested in, are the other markings & printings to be found on the label, under the label and in the wax. But they were nearly all originally cut onto a wax blank between ~1902 and say the late 1940s.

They can tell us all sorts of things about the side. People used the term wax loosely, and it has gone into general use, so who are we to argue? The contrast and brightness have been stepped up to show the various numbers &c.

The most important number we see in the wax is the same one we see on the label, to the right of the centre hole.

AUSTRIA appears again, which we already know about.

Note that there is no W in a circle on this side: it was not recorded by the Western Electric process. The label helpfully tells us that the Goofus Five were New York.

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