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Guys, u saw that at the end when ri ta went to kochenia, it showed the beauty and the beast book , right? jisung dies( like the beast does) and then wakes up as a normal boy again( for jisung, he wakes up like a human again maybe) idk how he fought with those vampires if he was human tho...idkk Personally I think, that, in the end, both ji sang and ri ta are dead. i think Korean people love romantic drama than other drama. Look I was one of my best drama till the last episode which turn all the drama from best to the worst I am really angry and so annoyed plus confused about this drama which make me happy through its episodes but the last one was so bad I feel that the director laughed at our mind Really so bad of you please don't try to write any other drama again! What The Hell happen to the serum, does it work and the patients get cured or what? Generally, kdramas with 20eps tend to be boring as they near the end, but this was not boring at all. And If L and Chun Hoon killed Ji Sang father wasn't it better if he was the one who would avenge them? The leads are wonderful, backed by a strong cast and direction. i think this drama has a good plot but why netizens seems not like? But for me i was so happy when i saw Park Ji Sang alive but i want to see that Park Ji Sang and Yoo Rita live happily with each other. Thank you for supporting blood drama, seen from more than 700 comments, it turns out that support more blood, from the hates, meaning drama favored not hated blood, blood drama crew thanks all of you who are the best, although less favored dinegaramu korea, but our fans from outside, very supportive, we are waiting for and supports blood season 2, AZA AZA-FIGHTING. I keep my opinion strong thinking that is The Best Drama ever of Ahn Jae Hyun. my country, Romania, is all talking about this drama. Will - please don't- or Drama like - My love from stars-... I respect him and in someday I wish to follow him in his work. they don't deserve even atention, respect, understanding support and not the last, Love.. His sweet face truly masked his devious intentions.

I think they meat each other in "heaven" or something like that. i hope to see more of Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun together in one project! okay I'm sure some of you come here with hope you'll find explanation for the ending 1. I almost did not watch this due to the negative comments i read beforehand. Any way I'm hoping to see more dramas of Jae Hyeon, Hae In, Ji Hoon and Hyun Sang. Even if I continue to watch it for the male cast role and mayor twist.. I was saying all the time that she was lying and that her mother didn't die. AJH is very good in his first KDrama lead and has a bright future. I hope it'll be have season 2 i love Blood Ahn Jaehyun Koo Hye Sun I have never cried so much for a drama as I have for Blood. I love this drama because it was somewhat different than other dramas i used to watch. Also don't forget bout Goo Hye Sun, She apeared in my first Korean drama I ever seen " Boys Over Flowers " and also, like Jae Hyun she is extraordinary artist. It will not come as a surprise if he will be nominated for acting awards and win. Viewers should never expect the facial expressions of a western actor vampire to be like that of a Korean actor vampire.

The guys killed ri ta and she than came to jisang (her hero). their really admirable and their love story were build in this drama. But i am really satisfied that I still gave it a shot! This is DEFINITELY FAR from being the worst kdrama ever. I was expecting a phone call of her and someone who ears-dropped it. (I cried the hardest and most when Joo Hyun Woo died, but I cried almost as much for Park Ji Sang). It's a very nice drama which is different from the traditional themes of the dramas. The lead role Yoo Rita and Park Ji Sang were adorable too. Let's think how much they lose or how many lunch or dinner they passed for this Drama. I am wondering why some kept on bashing the two (2) main characters, but of course they are entitled to own opinions. First of all most Caucasians have bigger eyes compared to the Korean.

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