Dating after 50 tips

Lisa tells us – “The only purpose of a first date is to get to a second. You may have a family, responsibilities, have travelled the world, been divorced – who knows!

You won’t know if he’s the one, you’ll just be able to work out if you have chemistry with him.” Caroline says, “First dates are really just a chance to see whether you would like to get to know one another more, so focus on having a laugh together instead. Anyone dating in their 50s is going to know that you have a past, but there’s no need to divulge everything just yet.” “You’ll be surprised how willing people are to play Cilla!

In many ways, dating in your 50s and beyond is no different than at any other time.

Lisa agrees that “Online dating sites are the best places to get started, as there are a huge range of men on them.” Caroline says, “Every woman has their own character and personality that shines through in their clothes and accessorizes.We find in this age group men and women are more likely to go on second and third dates with someone, as they’re more willing to take the time to get to know someone.” Perhaps life experience really can help contribute to a better dating life…So what Caroline says, “We at Mutual Attraction find that women who haven’t really dated before (because they’ve been married for years previously, for example) are either totally petrified at the thought of it, incredibly excited, or more commonly a combination of both.” “I would encourage women who haven’t dated before to just really embrace it, to say yes to meeting new people and new opportunities, and to enjoy it.It’s difficult to meet people these days, which seems crazy given how we seem to be more connected than ever,” Caroline told us.“But if you would prefer to meet people organically, a great place to start is to ask friends to play matchmaker.A survey by the Today Show in America found that only 18% of women will admit to dating in their 50s.It be a tricky world to navigate, but fear not – it can certainly be done, and can be lots of fun.’ Often what was important to us years ago isn’t as important now.Don’t miss out on meeting wonderful people for the sake of thinking he has to be tall!Plus, having someone to talk to and share your dating experiences with, can be the biggest confidence boost of all.This article is a guest post written by Harriet Pappenheim, founding therapist of Park Avenue Relationship Consultants in New York City.

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