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by @Tara Lipinsky ESPN/ABC is coming under fire this week after using a split screen during the nail-biting end of the Indy 500 showing Helio Castroneves’ galpal Adriana Henoa instead of the race. So that got us thinking which NASCAR Drivers have WAGs who are split screen worthy? The aspiring pop star whose daddy Gil is in the racecar biz is currently making time with Indy rookie Sage Karam.

Something tells me we’ll be seeing more of her in the future. Anna de Ferran And Anna de Ferran is another nubile young lady I suspect we’ll be seeing more of. She owns a boutique in North Carolina and like many other racing WAGs helped Truex start a foundation.

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But Reimann captured Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s heart more than five years ago and he hasn’t model jumped since. Not only did Carl Edwards hit the jackpot with his wife Kate in the looks department – this gorgeous gal has brains too. This gorgeous blonde babe has a young son who Busch has bonded with and her day job is as the Executive Director of the Armed Forces Foundation.

I guess it doesn’t hurt she’s not exactly difficult to look at. Trisha Grablander In the subtlety beautiful department I present you Ryan Newman’s wife Krissie. In a world where big hair and big, well other things reign, ya gotta love that. Ingrid Vandebosch NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon decided to go the model route when he wifed up Ingrid Vandebosch. Kate works with patients who have severe brain trauma.

People of all stripes sing arm in arm during Thursday night karaoke at Gentleman Jim’s bar, where on a recent evening a white man with a cowboy hat sat next to a Filipino man in a biker vest, and the songs ranged from Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” to the Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly.” The new Monster Energy NASCAR Cup champion got his first big break in the sport driving for Dale Earnhardt Jr."I'm proud of him. Academic performance is improving in schools, but achievement gaps remain: Of the 11th graders at Jesse Bethel High School, which is in the 94591 ZIP code, 42 percent of black students and 51 percent of Hispanic ones tested proficient in English this year, compared with 63 percent of white students and 77 percent of Filipino ones.

For the most part, NASCAR drivers typically are not as good looking at other mainstream athletes, but as these drivers' wives and girlfriends prove, that does not stop them from marrying or dating dimes.

Similar to the hottest baseball wives and girlfriends, the hottest NASCAR WAGs include a variety of women from beauty models to well-known actresses to reality TV stars to just stunning women.

Her husband Ryan actually won the Indy 500 and frankly I’m not exactly sure why she didn’t get the screen time Adriana did. Don’t forget to check out our NASCAR Power Rankings. Let me know e-mail me at [email protected] send me a Tweet @Tara Lipinsky.

The 19-year old made it to the finals of the Cab Day Pit stop competition and the top of our list for hot girlfriends. Amy Reimann It takes one hell of a woman to date a man after Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Marissa Miller has already had at ‘em. Patricia Driscoll Kurt Busch’s girlfriend his a package deal in more ways than one.

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