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Strange occurrences at homes that surround the cemetery.

Graves at the cemetary date back to the mid 1800's.

And the lights go on and off and there have been times reported when the microwave has gone on and off by it self.

When they lock up there have been odd times when the owner has come back to get something and the door has been unlooked.

One was an angry man of about 27 or 28 who didn't know why females where there and wanted them all out of "him air force".

Now strange things happen in the wings surrounding that wing.Footsteps are heard here and vehicles tend to stop half way across the bridge.Tall man wearing black suit and black hat is seen walking down roads near swamp trying to stop you for a ride.He went to the red rope for help, and shortly after the wing was once again shut down. Then about a year to two years later the dormitory was torn down.The 338 training squadron still resides in original quarters and there were 3 spirits in the female wings alone.He also would play pranks like opening windows at night and dropping things inside locked wall lockers when you are across the room.One soldier learned he missed his mother, he went through the school in 1967 and although he knew he had died of shrapnel wounds, he would often worry about going to 'Nam "tomorrow".Jeremy, for the record was very polite in that if you were studying with your door closed he would continue down the hall.He seems to need the encouragement of an open door for an invite to interrupt any study hall sessions.Occurrences of people walking through the cemetery when no one is there.Feelings of dread when you are in or outside of the cemetery at night.

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