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Since its launch a year ago, the bot has helped JPMorgan spare more than 360,000 hours of labor.This chatbot additionally uses the technology to parse messages for employees, allow access to software systems, and handle basic IT requests like resetting passwords.

To execute these account-related activities, a unique identifier is provided by the customer to get authorized and access account data.JPMORGAN CHASE: Even though chatbots are often used to automate repetitive tasks, the biggest U. bank JPMorgan is utilizing bots to streamline its back-office operations.They recently launched COIN, a bot which can analyze complex legitimate contracts quicker and more proficiently than human lawyers.But, not all customers are attentive to every service.Chatbots can deliver personalized offers to customers based on their profile data or life events.Erica had commended as an advanced virtual assistant to help clients make smarter decisions.Erica helped in sending notifications, suggests ideas how a customer can save money, gives reports on their FICO score, and encourages payment of bills within the banking application.Transferring funds to an inter-bank or third party by certain authentication methods can save customers time and workload to bankers.Customers can also get a quick view of their earnings and expenditure from customers previous data and the plotted graph can show how much they will spend in coming months.UNINTERRUPTED CUSTOMER SUPPORTCustomers served with a most personalized approach is the key to growth.Without customer satisfaction, no organization can sustain for long in the market.

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