Bungie net player model not updating

I'm on the above average side of players and I feel no one at bungie gives a damn about anything I feel about the crucible and as a 1000 hours club player that kinda sucks.I love Destiny and they should want to keep me around but instead I feel like I'm told to go fuck myself. I have 1600 hours now, and i feel like with every bungie update I just feel more insulted.All of their comments and responses are so jarring compared to the rest of the team company wide.If I were building a game I would take the rest of Bungie's people in a heart beat, but not touch their crucible engineers with a ten foot pole. SBMM in a perfect world would be how to do it, however more often than not it leaves people with red-bar players, which makes the skill negligible.Someone with more insight can add to this, I'm pretty sure this is just the basics of it. I hate it so much when people say "hurr I don't want CBMM because then I'll get stomped every single game!! 1" It's simple: mathematically speaking, it would be very difficult for a person of average skill to notice a difference.

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Can't believe people actually advocate doing nothing because the silent majority isn't insisting on it rather than listening to the good players who think about the fundamentally about the game and what can be changed to better it.I stay quiet b/c I'm happy with Destiny for the most part.Definitely Weisnewski's brilliance that said that."Yeah Guerilla Fighter is so OP!Crucible will never be worth shit as long as he works for Bungie, unfortunately. They make poor decisions for the game based on metadata of a crowd that never offers feedback or puts in the time that others do, they get called on making a game that feels more frustrating than rewarding, and just be dicks right back at everyone (who is also being a dick).My dream for destiny two involves dedicated servers with a tick rate from this decade and Derek being fired. It's a toxic relationship that never even had a proper start before it went down the toilet.It's kinda like a presidential election in the US.You vote, but your voice gets lumped in with a bunch of other voices in your district that gets lumped into the electoral college for your state that gets lumped into the final count that elects the next candidate.I never thought I would say it, but i genuinely miss year 1. It does depend a bit on how much you're paying per kilowatt hour, but the average seems to be 10 cents/hour.Gaming every day for 12 hours (a stretch, I know) should cost you about a year.If you're not the majority it may SEEM like your voice gets lost in translation, but it still gets counted and quantified.Hopefully in Destiny 2 we see dedicated servers or something that will help ease the latency we experience in most games.

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