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Meyer already shares 15-month-old daughter Sailor Grace with Palin, who is also mom to 8-year-old son Tripp Mitchell with ex-fiancé Levi Johnston.The couple confirmed in December that they are expecting again in the spring.Once rehearsals are over, it's up to the contestants and pros to pull out all the stops for the live show.And sometimes, taking the stage can come with its awkward moments after rumors of romances and fights have made it onto the pages of tabloids."About 14-hour days." Vanessa adds: "They have to make every single one of those outfits, so there's at least two custom wardrobe fittings [each week].Then there's interviews for all the packages, and then there's the packages [themselves]." Packages, or pre-taped segments, air before the celebrities take the dance floor and help narrate a personal story about the star.

A springtime baby in the Meyer home and we can't wait!But most of the off-the-wall dance moves Ballas is known for come directly from him."When you are with the contestants, only you really know how they move," he explains.When it was all over my son said, "Mommy, can I dance with You? "We brought Camden a couple times to the stage because he was little enough to give him an i Pad that he could watch and enjoy," she says at the Pampers' #Slept Like This event in New York.Camden's adorable dance moves were just one of many interactions that most fans don't get to see."So, it's kind of up to you to represent them in the best light, and having an outside opinion of someone who is not involved in what's happening is not necessarily the best." Ballas' creativity helped him and his partner, Lindsey Stirling, make it all the way to finals and take second place on Season 25.They beat out Vanessa and Nick for a spot in the finals, but the married couple has no regrets about their time on the show."I'm definitely glad that [Vanessa and I] did it together," Nick tells us.Dakota Meyer says pregnant wife Bristol Palin is "the most amazing woman." The 28-year-old Marine Corps veteran shared a photo of Palin getting an ultrasound Wednesday and gushed about the 26-year-old television personality in the caption."I couldn't ask for a better person to be the mother of my children.Her youngest, Phoenix, was only 9 months old when she and her husband Nick signed up for the show.She'd sneak peeks at her smartphone's baby monitor in between dances.

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