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I found an apartment, one of the activists asked my relatives to take me to work.I lied to him that I had divorced because my husband beat me. These guys supported me in every possible way, they said that my child would become the "son of the movement".In all cases, informing the society about the establishment of a family is enough to consider the marriage official, and the child from these connections is "legitimate".

However, the reality is that Gulnara gave birth to the child from her boyfriend with whom she had no officially registered marriage.

Doctors and nurses wondered with surprise why there were so many young people here. They found me shelter, work, protected when my brother was looking for me and wanted to kill me.

Gulnara told them that she was an orphan, her husband had died, and these children are relatives of the deceased husband who support her. Money to take care of the child was gathered by members of the youth movement. Had it been a younger girl in my place and a girl who did not have such friends as I did, she would have had to have an abortion.

But her mother arrived unexpectedly, and her secret was unveiled: she was already in the beginning of her third and final term.

"She cried so much, as if she found out that I was mortally ill.

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