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After brief prison stints, they were together again, breaking the law, on the run.Video from the motel's surveillance camera captured images of the detectives driving up to the couple's room across the street from the police department.And the collective stories of the women said to be featherwoods, according to court records, offer yet another gritty tapestry of lawlessness, bad deeds and dead ends."They have grown up in the lifestyle," said Brandon Bess, a Texas Department of Public Safety agent specializing in gangs.And April Flanagan was convicted in the murder of an Aryan ...more Fraught with a wild temper unleashed by a wicked methamphetamine addiction, April Flanagan was sent to prison just months ago for conspiring to help blow the heads off a disgraced Aryan gang member and his girlfriend in East Texas.

One such gruesome demise came to Tonia Porras when she was 29.

Smith lured them into Room 111, where her armed Aryan Circle boyfriend, Dennis Clem, was hiding in the bathroom.

The renegade couple had already driven at least 800 miles on a zigzag journey from Houston, where Clem used a semi-automatic rifle to kill two black teens, one 15 and the other 19, during a confrontation.

"They are fascinated by the culture, usually have drug issues themselves, and there is a strange hold over the women that the guys have," Bales continued.

"There is usually no good end to it." As for April Flanagan, 31, who supplied the shotgun used in the planned double homicide, she is adamant that she does not share racist views and insisted that she got involved with Aryan Brotherhood members only to buy drugs.

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