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At a certain point, I began to fear my DVD player might overheat. Executive producers, Ryan Murphy, Greer Shephard, Michael M. At its best, “Nip/Tuck” dances right up to the line of “No, you can’t go there,” then pulls back enough to keep viewers enthralled. Production: Filmed in Los Angeles and Miami by Shephard/Robin Co. Robin; co-executive producers, Lyn Greene, Richard Levine; supervising producer, Sean Jablonski; producers, Jennifer Salt, Patrick Mc Kee; co-producers, Brad Falchuk, Bonnie Weis; director, Elodie Keene; writer, Murphy. In last week's episode, Dawn was afraid that her boyfriend was going to come out of the closet after he and Aiden were invited to ride in the West Hollywood gay pride parade.She followed Freddy to the parade, experienced a moment of panic, and tried to run down the street after him, only to be run over by a dyke-on-a-bike.

Sean in particular has recently appeared even more mopey and self-pitying than he has always been. Quentin Costa - Bruno Campos Kimber Henry - Kelly Carlson Gina Russo - Jessalyn Gilsig Despite an Emmy-worthy second season, “Nip/Tuck” wasn’t invited to Sunday’s party. Christian Troy - Julian Mc Mahon Julia Mc Namara - Joely Richardson Matt Mc Namara - John Hensley Liz Cruz - Roma Maffia Dr.Sean’s home life, meanwhile, has fallen apart, as wife Julia (Joely Richardson) presses to advance their separation into divorce and son Matt (John Hensley) wrestles with the fact that he was romantically involved with a transsexual — the dazzling twist regarding Famke Janssen’s character near the end of season two.Both the 90-minute opener and the second episode showcase the program’s sometimes heavy-handed device in which intriguing cases mirror aspects of the central players’ lives, including a sign-language-fluent gorilla who needs surgery in order to mate.The great apes, it seems, can be just as shallow as we are. Still, there are splendid moments throughout, oscillating between pathos, humor and sexuality.In addition to a wonderful scene in which Julia smokes a joint with her detached mom (played by real-life mother Vanessa Redgrave), there’s a threesome that entangles the aforementioned Mitra with Christian’s porn-producing girlfriend Kimber (Kelly Carlson). Christian Troy - Julian Mc Mahon Julia Mc Namara - Joely Richardson Matt Mc Namara - John Hensley Liz Cruz - Roma Maffia Dr.Previously, she was all steely reserve and willing subjection to God's will (much like her Palestinian attacker, though Nip/Tuck couldn't quite make that acknowledgement).After consulting with Sean Mc Namara (Dylan Walsh) about some chronic pain in her traumatized face, Rachel learned that what she had been told were pieces of metal and concrete shrapnel are actually bits of the teeth, bones, and flesh of her attacker, which now riddle her body.A bit over the top to be sure, but what keeps the story from slipping into the realm of jingoism and schlock is Rachel's realization that "The trick is to forgive the unforgivable." Only by rejecting demands for justice and retribution will she find peace.This is classic Nip/Tuck, a moment of complication, perhaps even "truth," amongst the regular soap operatics.

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