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Russia itself is the location of maps set during the Russian Civil War and Albion taking place in Russian owned Estonia.During the Second World War Russia was known as the Soviet Union and not the Russian Federation. In Battlefield 2, alot of Russian equipment is used by the MEC.In singleplayer, the player is Preston Marlowe, a soldier of 222nd Army Battalion's B-Company, and, after the first mission, is assigned to the Special Activities Division, where the Russian Federation is the main enemy faction.Russia seems to have planned a direct assault on the mainland of the United States after the activation of the Scalar Weapon upon the country.

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South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico are no longer in red. In the South American theater, they are mostly engaged in the defense of their strongholds, such as Arica and Valparaiso.By 1922, the newly established Russian RSFSR along with the Ukrainian SSR formed what would become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR.At its height in the mid-twentieth century the Soviet Union was a massive economic, industrial and military power.The game also features the Russian occupation of Bolivia, Colombia, the West of Argentina, the North of Brazil and Chile, though there is no evidence upon the occupation of the East of South America, like the rest of Brazil or Argentina.Russia's advances on South America prior to the events of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, extending throughout Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, parts of Brazil, the Central American countries, the Caribbean islands and much of Mexico.After completing objectives in Serdaristan and crashing Serdar's Mi-24 in Russia, Russian forces attempt to capture B-Company in an outpost around a monastery, and fail.most of South America, the Caribbean and Mexico, as well as Alaska and northwestern Canada.They are highly trained and highly feared and have operated for decades.They have outlived the Soviet Union and currently fight with the modern Russian military.The Russian Federation is depicted in a fictional war against the United States of America, allied with the Middle Eastern Coalition and the hired assistance of the Legionnaire Mercenaries. They are first assigned to assist United States Army convoys.Soon after, B-Company is engaged in aiding a US Army armored division in the Battle of Zabograd.

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