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Only in this way can we safeguard and develop what is noblest and best in human nature.

One of the most pressing needs for those who have HIV/AIDS in our rural communities is accommodation because once a person is diagnosed as HIV positive they face the pressure either from those they live with or landlords to move out.

But confronted with the complexity of this epidemic, we are going to do well to remember that all is by no means lost.

It is still possible for the policy makers to draw back from the brink and to lessen, if not entirely eliminate the menace of the HIV and AIDS epidemic and indeed learn from it.

HIV/AIDS is a moral and medical problem and we should go for a moral medical solution without compromising the innocent and without sacrificing our civil liberties at the rural communities in Nigeria.

) and that means that submissions for sessions, workshops, abstracts, etc. Share-Net Netherlands, Aidsfonds, AFEW and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invite you to a third and final preparatory meeting for AIDS 2018.

The moral landscape has in fact altered irrevocably with the onset of HIV/AIDS.In rural community across Nigeria, we cannot yet guess at the magnitude of HIV and AIDS which confronts us but our response will have to be specific, swift, imaginative and radical. HIV/AIDS has called all activities into being and challenges them to ensure that they are not just a routine, not adequate but that they can meet the challenge since it is presenting us with a sudden crisis which demands a quick response.The compassion and care for those who are infected, sick and for their families must go paripassu with a vigorous and uncompromising campaign to educate those at risk because of the dangers of sexual irresponsibility. One question that remains difficult to answer is, how we alter the expectations and attitudes of young people at the rural communities of our country towards sexuality with different cultural beliefs.In 2017, a group of partners, brought together by Funders Concerned About AIDS and including Gilead Sciences, Ford Foundation, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Vii V Healthcare and Johnson and Johnson, launched the Southern HIV Impact Fund, managed by AIDS United.Received Date: December 14, 2012; Accepted Date: December 26, 2012; Published Date: December 28, 2012 Citation: Johnbull OS (2013) HIV and AIDS in Nigeria: Meeting the Rural Challenges. doi:10.4172/2155-6113.1000e111 Copyright: © 2013 Johnbull OS, et al.As I write this article more and more people are being infected daily by HIV infection and are migrating to rural communities once diagnosed and confirmed. Past and present experiences proclaim loudly that a rigid and onesided emphasis on sexual morality is counter-productive and causes dangerous reactions.And the worries about this HIV/AIDS are so many at the rural communities; what do we as individuals need to know about HIV/AIDS? Sexual morality is of paramount importance, but education for sexual morality responsibility can operate only if people understand deeply their responsibility for their own wellbeing.Being HIV positive has ruined so many homes and lives.It has brought relationships and marriages to an abrupt end, leaving hearts broken and souls shattered.HIV/AIDS require us to become responsible persons from responsible communities, and societies, and concentrate on education for responsibility.Yet it is not possible to sharpen people’s conscience for responsibility on this point, HIV/AIDS, unless we educate ourselves and help others to develop an overall sense of responsibility for our own health, for the health of others, for healthy human relationships, and for peace and justice. It is a hard saying but nonetheless true that our future as a community or society depends on our rediscovery of a strict moral code.

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