Advice on dating after widowhood

The feeling itself may be sadness, fear, anger, or a combination of those emotions.The idea that you’re being disloyal is just that: an idea, a thought, not an emotion.

This may give you an even bigger load of grief,and anger to work through. If you were with your partner for a long time, and/or are older, it may feel challenging to think of getting used to – and developing intimacy with – a new person. You may find yourself feeling disloyal to your former partner when you date, or even find yourself wanting to date, someone new.

So, let yourself feel the feelings underneath that thought, without believing the thought itself.

Some women whom you date might feel afraid they can never measure up to your dead partner, especially if you were together for a long time.

– she’ll be able to take responsibility for any feelings of insecurity that come up in her, without projecting them onto you.

In short, it is definitely possible to date happily and healthily after losing a partner to death.

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