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Kimble responds to a newspaper ad for a driver and is hired to drive Peggy Franklin and her 10-year-old daughter, Nancy, to California.

When Kimble tries to leave, he gets mistaken for a spy by Major Beck, the head of the project.

When several staff members, including the staff physician, suffer from a resulting chemical explosion, Kimble is forced to care for the wounded, unaware that Beck still plans to turn him into the army general leading the project.

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The next morning, Laurel is found on an abandoned road unconscious and badly beaten.Kimble is riding on a bus when the police stop it to capture an escaped convict, who takes a woman hostage.Kimble disarms the man, but gets stabbed during the struggle while the convict is shot dead.Running from the police, Kimble hides out at a farm owned by a local country doctor, named Josephus Adams, who treats his patients with honey and a reassuring word.After one elderly woman under Adams care dies from a protracted bronchial infection, an angry Kimble intervenes and tries to help the patients.Eckhardt had been reluctant to testify for Kimble but upon meeting him - and seeing the man genuinely needs his help - agrees to testify.Unbeknownst to them, a convict in prison for drug dealing comes forward as a witness and reveals to Gerard that he used to sell heroin to Eckhart and that Eckhardt was on his way to see him that night to buy some drugs...As Gerard monitors the dragnet from police headquarters, Marie decides to leave her husband, and winds up on the same bus with a demoralized Kimble, due to the fact many buses are not running because so many roads are underwater from a flood.When the bus crashes, Marie suffers from a head injury, resulting in temporary blindness.which is enough for Gerard to discredit Eckhardt's testimony.When Donna, and her lawyer Burt Green learn of this, Donna must contact Eckhardt to have him stop Kimble from turning himself in.

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