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By this I mean that the major issues facing the breed are all intrinsic, universal, and inextricable from the breed.The pervasive issue with urinary stones can be solved by changing very little of what we understand a Dalmatian to be (just one gene out of 19,300 need change), but the pureblood brigade is resisting the only fix for this universal problem (every dog in the breed has two copies of the bad gene), as it would require violating their fundamentalist and inane orthodoxy of breed purity.

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Neither of these are responsible for the problems facing Dalmatians, being a Dalmatian is the one and only factor to blame.In fact they are caused by under-breeding and founder effects.The gene pool of Dalmatians is so small that the gene which causes uric acidosis / hyperuricosuria / high uric acid (HUA) /urate stone disease / bladder and kidney stones / urinary obstruction is SATURATED and homozygous in every dog in the breed.A strong predisposition for deafness is thus a sine qua non disorder in Dalmatians.Urinary tract problems are not caused by over-breeding, popularity swings, or backyard breeders.Herefords are a high-producing beef breed that are reddish-brown with a white face and belly. There are many good horses with white socks and a blaze, but every horseman in the last century noticed a relationship between piebaldism and the value of a horse. That’s an enormously high number considering how rare dog bites are in comparison to the number of dogs living with humans. The temperament issues persist and blanket the breed because the breed is defined by their mostly white coat and it’s a sine qua non feature.It has nothing to do with the dogs being bred in a puppy mill or a mansion.Their urine is filled with sharp crystalline sludge which can cause pain, irritation, infections, blockages, and death. Even though this disease is not intrinsic to the breed standard nor to any other traits of the breed that need to be preserved, it remains another dilemma because there are no healthy pedigreed Dalmatians who carry a safe gene.There is not a single multi-Championship Best In Show lovingly bred and sold for a mint Dalmatian dogs that is free of the disease gene. Thus, the only way to rid the disease and the gene from the breed is to bring in new blood in the form of an out-cross and there are still pedigree purists who will hold the breed hostage to a fundamentalist and unwavering interpretation of purity.To be a Dalmatian is to be prone to deafness and to be predisposed to suffer from mental disorders caused by insufficient melanin.Not every Dalmatian will be deaf, some 70% are not, but that’s just the luck of the draw and 30% deafness is a disgrace!

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