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India, a country that has a deeply held preference for sons and male heirs, has an excess of 37 million males, according to its most recent census.

The number of newborn female babies compared with males has continued to plummet, even as the country grows more developed and prosperous.

A combination of cultural preferences, government decree and modern medical technology in the world’s two largest countries has created a gender imbalance on a continental scale.

Men outnumber women by 70 million in China and India.

The imbalance creates a surplus of bachelors and exacerbates human trafficking, both for brides and, possibly, prostitution.

Officials attribute this to the advent of sex-selective technology in the last 30 years, which is now banned but still in widespread practice. The biggest gap between men and women of marriageable age, defined here as 15 to 29, will come in the next few decades, as the babies of the past decade grow up.

The basic function of a man in rural society is to have a family and look after that family.” “In rural areas, men who didn’t get married are really marginalized; even socializing in the village is difficult,” said Therese Hesketh, a professor of global health at University College London.

“These guys are depressed.” and lonely’ Li Weibin has never had a girlfriend.

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This is a country where marriage confers social status, and where parental pressure to produce grandchildren is intense.In the two countries, 50 million excess males are under age 20. Both nations are belatedly trying to come to grips with the policies that created this male-heavy generation.And demographers say it will take decades for the ramifications of the bulge to fade away.Boys outnumbered girls in the isolated mountain village where he grew up, in the factories where he worked as a teenager, and on the construction sites where he now earns a modest wage.Today, 30 years old, he lives in a bare, stuffy dormitory room with five other men in the southern city of Dongguan, bunk beds lining the walls, cigarette butts carpeting the floor.But otherwise they are not spending, and that in turn fuels China’s huge trade surplus.In India, there is the opposite effect: Because brides are scarce, families are under less pressure to save for expensive dowries.Out of China’s population of 1.4 billion, there are nearly 34 million more males than females — the equivalent of almost the entire population of California, or Poland, who will never find wives and only rarely have sex.China’s official one-child policy, in effect from 1979 to 2015, was a huge factor in creating this imbalance, as millions of couples were determined that their child should be a son.The desperate effort to land a bride Human trafficking. Foreign women are being recruited and lured to China, effectively creating similar imbalances in China’s neighbors. With the increase in men has come a surge in sexual crime in India and concerns about a rise in other crimes in both countries.Harassment of schoolgirls in India has in some towns sparked an effort to push back — but at a cost of restricting them to more protected lives.

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